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With over 30 years of trading history and expertise we have developed the coating methods that will protect your products. We only use high quality materials from reputable suppliers so you can be assured that you are receiving the best treatment for your products.

Our clients come from a range of industries many of whom are long standing customers who value quality and loyalty as much as we do. Get in touch to let us help you find a quality coating for your quality products.



With a wide selection of colours, finishes and polymer types in stock we can provide for all your powder coating needs. Our quality coating equipment ensures a superb finish for your manufactured items allowing you to feel confident you will be producing a quality product for your end users.

Zinc rich, smooth, textured and performance polymer alloys are all part of our range providing quality metal protection.


Also commonly known as plastic dip coating or fluidised bed dipping , air is forced through a tank containing powder causing the powder to act as a fluid or liquid would. Pre-heated items for coating are dipped into the tank fusing to the powder which is then heated again to provide a fully fused product. This method gives thicker coatings, provides a warm to touch finish and can cover sharp or rough finishes on metal substrates. This type of coating is particularly suited to wire products such as baskets and fridge baskets or washer baskets.



Specialist Engineering

We know and understand that bespoke and niche products require special consideration when coating to allow for the product to be utilized to its full potential. We can provide a solution for your products protection in extreme and testing environments.


One of our commonly produced items, we recommend plastic dip coating to give a smooth, thick coating that will protect your product and give an aesthetically pleasing finish.


Wire and mesh products are usually coated in plastic dip finishes which allow any for minor flaws and sharper edges to be covered giving an end product which is both good to look at and warm to touch.


Often bespoke made and requiring long term protection we can coat galvanized steel or provide a zinc rich undercoat followed by a finish coat to give excellent corrosion resistance for gates and railings.


Again, usually bespoke made our service can give you the protection you need to maintain the life of your product. Singl, double and automated gates can all be accommodated.


Galvanised and mild steel fencing can be given a finish that gives you the protection you require and your customer the finish and colour they need.

Chairs & Furnitures

Whether specially made or in large numbers we provide coating systems for chairs, beds, tables, lockers and numerous other architectural products.


Alloy or steel wheels can be refurbished and re-coated to give an “as new” finish.




If its advice or a quote you need please get in touch by telephone or email and we will do our best to help you obtain a product that is suitable for your requirements.

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